Tower of Miracles

Sacred gods, long ago, created the Tower
And challenged men to climb up to the pinnacle.
The conquerors would receive tremendous power,
But the road ahead was truly insurmountable.

The first floor greeted heroes with a cruel ordeal:
An almighty guardian to judge their courage.
Only the chosen ones, with a mind of steel,
Could clear its trial and escape the cage.

Many had failed there, and the few who passed,
Would be grievously wounded, unfit to advance.
However, on a fated day, a young man, at last,
Defeated the warden, unscathed: mankind’s last chance.

Ievris was the son of the two mightiest knights.
A formidable strength, since birth, he could display.
He had trained against monsters for endless nights,
Driven by a fiery will to end the world’s dismay.

But as he beat the guardian, he felt so much pressure
That he could go no further, frightened by the unknown.
His old mentor took him, gave him a last lecture,
To restore his faith so he would fly on his own.

Ievris dispelled his fears, and vowed to reach the top.
He left his dear master, determined and prepared.
He was now convinced: before none would he stop.
He would face every hardship, never again growing scared.

The lad faced many trials, always remained steadfast.
He bested Oryialos, Champion of the Oceans,
He vanquished Daraas, the Terrible Outcast,
He subdued Reastra, Master of Emotions.

He reached the fiftieth floor, where he found a forest.
The air was imbued with an intoxicating scent:
Soon Ievris found himself wanting to lie and rest.
How pleasant it did feel, to remain still and silent.

Ievris fell in deep slumber, unable to wake up.
He heard bewitching voices, confining him in a shell.
But soon his master, in his dreams, showed up:
“Do not yield!” he cried, and Ievris broke the spell.

Ashamed of deviating from his quest for a nap,
Ievris swiftly rose and got back on track.
For the sweet fragrance was a devious trap,
He covered his nose as a counterattack.

A whole lot of trials, increasingly tougher,
Awaited the young man, as he kept ascending.
Nevertheless, he fought, and grew ever stronger.
Soon he reached the top, where a light was shining.

As he basked in the glow, he felt endless power
Shaking his very core, fusing with his blood.
As his mind went blank, he knew that the tower
Had just given him a force that had not yet bud.

When Ievris came to, he was assailed by fear.
Flowing through him, a force he could not comprehend.
He was no longer human: his new strength was clear.
This overwhelming might could cause the world’s end.

Then a being appeared, whose shape he could not see.
The ethereal god, gently, started whispering:
“Do not fear, my dear child. This is your destiny.
Show us you are, indeed, worthy of our blessing.”

Sacred gods, long ago, created the Tower
And challenged men to climb up to the pinnacle.
One of them proved himself, became a light bearer,
Bringing peace to this world: an eternal miracle.