Personal Guide to Windows

Here I’ll list a few tweaks I use on Windows to make my life easier.

Windows Terminal

First install Windows Terminal from the Windows Store.


Then follow the instructions on this page to enable WSL.

WSL Kernel Update

If needed, install the WSL update found here.


Here’s a great CLI installer. Install it by following the instructions here. Then run those commands:

scoop install git
scoop bucket add extras
scoop bucket add nerd-fonts
scoop bucket add emulators
scoop install aria2
scoop install 7zip clink cmder conemu gow gzip lazygit less ripgrep sed sudo tldr touch vim vimtutor which
scoop install anki authy bitwarden everything joplin libreoffice-stable mp3tag musescore notepadplusplus sumatrapdf vcredist2008 vlc vscode
scoop install caprine discord signal skype slack whatsapp zoom
scoop install audacity brave gimp inkscape putty qutebrowser tor-browser tribler
scoop install android-clt andoid-sdk android-studio flutter nodejs
scoop install cemu citra-nightly desmume-nightly

With WSL I shouldn’t need these but I’ll list them nonetheless:

scoop install hugo latex

Also, open an adminsitrator Powershell terminal to install the best font ever:

scoop install firacode


Finally, install an ArchWSL instance. Follow the instructions in my Linux guide to set it up.